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very short on words long on pictures or images as some like to call them , i guess its for the best as i have a caustic sense of wit , and enjoy a brutal joke at others expense , crude puns are another forte of mine

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

ajs pocupine

ajs pocupine

ajs pocupine

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

1966 Honda CB77

1966 Honda CB77, originally uploaded by Nobodyisperfick.

Gerardo y su restauración.

Gerardo y su restauración., originally uploaded by sumar64.


CA77, originally uploaded by shesbeenshot.

1966 Honda Sport 50 ( C110 )

1966 Honda Sport 50 ( C110 ), originally uploaded by SimbaYancy.

Honda Sport 50

Honda Sport 50, originally uploaded by SimbaYancy.

Big Suzy. one of my own bikes


CIMG2106, originally uploaded by anjin-san.

1973 Honda CB750

1973 Honda CB750, originally uploaded by theevilnoel.

Nick Jeffries looks pleased to be riding the 250 4cyl Yamaha

Manx Norton Prototype

Manx Norton Prototype, originally uploaded by jorvikiwi.

Matchless in line twin

Matchless in line twin, originally uploaded by jorvikiwi.

Suzuki Road Race bikes 125cc

Suzuki Road Race bikes 125cc, originally uploaded by jorvikiwi.

Suzuki Road Race bikes

Suzuki Road Race bikes, originally uploaded by jorvikiwi.

gilera team 1953 belgian gp

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mv agusta 5001954 earles forks

gilera 500cc regarmstrong

rayamm 350 works norton the probosis

yamaha 1254cyl bill ivy

yamaha 250 4cyl 1968 ulster gp phil read leads bill ivy