bits scraps and allsorts a old british biker pun

very short on words long on pictures or images as some like to call them , i guess its for the best as i have a caustic sense of wit , and enjoy a brutal joke at others expense , crude puns are another forte of mine

Saturday, December 31, 2011


ducati f1 1986

ulster grand prix 1961 tom phillis bob mcintrye works hondas

daytona beach

henderson streamline model 1929

Saturday, December 10, 2011

vincent rapide

bsa mc1 250

ubbali mv 125

mv 750

mv agusta 125

mike125cc paton 1958

john player nortons

mv agusta bill lomas

parillia 1950

jack brett works norton

mv john surtees

gilera 300 bicllinrica

les graham mv 500 1952

geoff duke 350 norton

mike mv 500 privat 2964