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very short on words long on pictures or images as some like to call them , i guess its for the best as i have a caustic sense of wit , and enjoy a brutal joke at others expense , crude puns are another forte of mine

Sunday, March 20, 2011

mondial125cc 1955

mondial 125 works bike

laverda team moto giro

ducati girls


uballi 125 moto morini

mv agusta 500cc 6cyl

provini 1963 morini 250

ducati girls

ducati girls

les grahams mv agusta 500 4 burns on the isle of man 1953

our gang

moto rumi 125cc esportazoine 1956

mv agusta 500

carlo uballi testing 250cc mv agustas

mv agusta 500 1952

mv agusta bialbero 175cc

mv agusta 350 3cyl

mv agusta 175 cc

mv agusta 250cc twin

motobi 17cc catria 1957

mv agusta 500 john surtees

mv agusta 125 bialbero desmo

carlo uballi 250cc mvagusta

mv agusta 125cc

mv agusta 125cc 1949

ray amm works 350 norton 1954

moto parilla 125cc