bits scraps and allsorts a old british biker pun

very short on words long on pictures or images as some like to call them , i guess its for the best as i have a caustic sense of wit , and enjoy a brutal joke at others expense , crude puns are another forte of mine

Friday, November 30, 2012

vincent piatti

the dunfry iring mob at daytona yes it won the v twin contest

the factory hack during ww2

black shadow

comet earles forks

club meet

rapide 1948

stu dayhoff grey flash

egil vincent 1968

hrd vincent comet

john surtees grey flash vincent

Thursday, November 29, 2012

125 1950

250 1956

250 sammy miller ulstergp 1957

cecil sandford 125cc 1957


175cc 1953

125cc 1957 provini

mondial 125cc 1955

geoff duke 1954

geoff duke 1956

125cc twin

factory fresh

reg armstron bob mac1957


500cc 1949

saturno 500cc

350cc record attempt

125cc twin gp

125cc twin

125 cc twin

saturno 500 1948

150cc sport1954

1950 500cc supercharged bandirola

125cc twin

reg armstrong

tarf 500cc record car 1954

125cc gp romolo ferri